5 reasons Josh Allen will go off against the New York Giants

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The Buffalo Bills will get back to play action passing

Josh Allen has been one of the best play-action passers in the league this season, so much so that some have called him the best play-action passer. For this to be most effective, Allen needs to be under center. It seemed the team kind of got away from that last week against the Jaguars and I expect Dorsey and the Bills to get back to it this week.

Allen is currently second in the league with 377 passing yards off of play-action. Even if the running game isn't working well, play-action can still be effective, particularly if the game is close or when you're leading. There is a misconception among fans that the only way for play-action to be effective is for the run game to be rolling. That's simply not accurate though, if you fake the handoff, the defense has to respect that regardless to see who has the ball before reacting.