5 quick reactions to the Buffalo Bills loss against the Broncos on Monday Night

Buffalo Bills
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I have a hard time blaming coaches for the poor execution but.....

I get that one of the many responsibilities of coaches is to get the players prepared and ready to play. I also get that these are professional athletes, and if you need a coach to tell you to catch the football, not throw picks, or commit penalties, then you might need to take a look in the mirror. This game started with two turnovers on their first two possessions, coupled with dropped passes and penalties.

Whether you believe a player should be benched for fumbling or not, if you're going to do that, maybe Coach McDermott should consider benching Gabe Davis for the dropped passes. I can see both sides of the coaching dispute and if you want to move on from maybe Dorsey, ok that's a conversation we can have but it won't happen in the middle of the season. There simply are no options currently on the staff with any credible experience calling plays, other than Joe Brady but I already addressed this in an earlier article.