5 quick reactions to the Buffalo Bills loss against the Broncos on Monday Night

Buffalo Bills
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Can we please give Coach McDermott some credit for helping to keep this injured defense competitive?

The Bills defense has been decimated with injuries this season and it only got worse with this game. Both Micah Hyde and Christian Benford were out, just adding to a long list of injured players. Yet week in and week out, they play well enough and do just enough to keep the Bills in games and in a position to win. I'm not sure firing Coach McDermott is the answer but maybe a shakeup on the staff after the season.

Buffalo couldn't sustain several drives and had four turnovers, giving the Broncos excellent field position all game long. At the end of the day, Buffalo struggled to get the Broncos off the field on that final drive but they were on the field a lot and likely wearing down. The pressure was there all game but kudos to Russel Willson, getting out and making plays. Still, the Bills defense did enough but they couldn't make up for all of the offense's miscues.