6 top offensive minds that could replace Buffalo Bills head coach in 2024

Kellen Moore
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Let's make one thing clear. I'm not advocating firing Coach McDermott, but I know there is a large contingency of fans who want him gone, as well as offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey. My worry in moving on from him is you risk ruining everything, including the winning culture. Fans seem to believe that hiring a new coach will magically resolve everything and instantly means winning a Super Bowl.

I was around for the Music City Miracle, which cost special teams coach Bruce DeHaven's job. A year later, head coach Wade Phillips was let go and what transpired was years of less than mediocre play and missed playoffs for 17 years. Let's not make the same mistake here but I would be wrong to not acknowledge it could work out still but it's just not a risk I'd be willing to take.

I will add this though, if the Bills don't make the playoffs and continue to falter this season, I can't sit here and say I wouldn't be willing to entertain this idea of moving on. However, the struggles this team is experiencing right now, are not solely on the shoulders of McDermott or Dorsey. Football is the greatest team sport in the world. It takes the coaches, the players, and the front office to win a Super Bowl and the struggles are just as much on the players as it is on the coaches.

With all that said, I decided to dive into some of the possible candidates to replace Coach McDermott (or possibly Dorsey). From what I've seen and heard, most fans want a proven offensive mind at the helm. If the Bills do decide to fire Coach McDermott, here are my top five offensive-minded head coach candidates.

Current NFL offensive coordinators that are will be head coach candidates in 2024