5 players who won't be on the Buffalo Bills 53-man roster come Week 1

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Andy Isabella - Wide Receiver

This year's preseason darling, Andy Isabella. I'm going to get roasted for this take because there are so many fans out there who have already fallen in love with Isabella. I get it though; I understand what he brings to the field with his speed and after-the-catch ability. Which, oh by the way the Bills already have in Deonte Harty.

I think Isabella finds his way to the practice squad and maybe after a full offseason next year he makes the final roster, but the Bills paid a fair amount to bring Harty on board and I don't see them bringing another player in Isabella with very similar skill sets.

There is still a chance Isabella makes the final roster but that would likely be in one of two scenarios. One, the Bills move on from Khalil Shakir, and part ways or two, they decide to keep seven receivers. I don't see the team giving up on a player after just one season, especially considering the progress Shakir has shown. The other, I don't think the team keeps seven receivers because their usage of 12-personnel will greatly increase this season, which makes the need for more receivers obsolete.