5 players who won't be on the Buffalo Bills 53-man roster come Week 1

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Matt Barkley - Quarterback

It's crazy how quickly Bills Mafia's minds are changed from one week to the next. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Bills had major question marks at the QB2 spot and many said Matt Barkley should be the guy. McDermott and company even said the position was wide open; however, after Barkley's Week Two performance with three interceptions and a fumble, I don't think there is any doubt who the number two should be.

The Buffalo Bills won't carry three quarterbacks on the roster, but Barkley will find himself on the practice squad regardless. He's been with the team for years now, he knows the system and has established that chemistry with the players.

You could certainly do worse for your number three quarterback. That said, I would like to see the Bills draft a young quarterback who has some of the same skills that Allen has, obviously not of the same level though. The team needs a young quarterback they can groom to hopefully hold on to that spot for years to come, rather than the revolving door we've seen the last few years. I guess if this is one of your biggest concerns though, your team is in a really good place.