5 linebackers at NFL Combine Buffalo Bills could target in 2024 NFL Draft

Edgerrin Cooper
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Michael Barrett - Michigan

Michael Barrett is a 6'0", 239-pound linebacker out of Michigan. He has played over 1,700 snaps and 49 games. As a fifth-year senior in 2023, Barrett had 38 total tackles. As a pass-rusher, he tallied 17 total pressures, including two sacks, earning a Pro Football Focus grade of 92.3. He allowed a QB rating of 77.9 when targeted in the passing game. He's lined up in your traditional "in the box" position the majority of the time; however, he has lined up in the slot and as a defensive lineman on occasion.

NFLDraftbuzz.com graded him a 79.3, ranked him as their 16th-best linebacker in the draft, and the 189th overall prospect. They have him with a reported 40-time of 4.5 seconds and project him as a sixth-round selection. Pro Football Focus gave him a grade of 84.3, ranked him their seventh-best linebacker, and 146th overall prospect.