5 linebackers at NFL Combine Buffalo Bills could target in 2024 NFL Draft

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With Matt Milano back in the fold next season, and the play of Terrel Bernard, the starting linebackers of this defense could be a strength of the team. With Bernard and Milans, we could be looking at one of the best linebacking duos in the NFL. Buffalo has a lot of offseason needs that they will need to address before the 2024 kicks off. But building up the depth of the linebacking room is something that should be on the Bills radar. The Bills look to be in good shape at the position right now, and fans might wonder why would the Buffalo Bills even consider a linebacker in this year's draft.

Why might the Buffalo Bills be looking to draft a linebacker in the 2024 NFL Draft?

First of all, we don't know if Dorian Williams will become much more than he has so far. If I were a betting man, I'd say he'll be a solid piece to the puzzle; however, he's still an unknown. Secondly, Tyrel Dodson is a pending free agent and may not be back with the Buffalo Bills in 2024. He likely wants to be a starting linebacker in this league, and get a nice payday, neither of which I blame him. I doubt he will start in Buffalo, so they won't want to pay him starter money. With Milano and Terrel Bernard holding down the top two spots, the only avenue that I see as a possibility for Dodson is if the new defensive coordinator suddenly decides to roll with a more traditional 4 - 3 defense. We all know that's not likely going to happen, as long as Coach McDermott and Taron Johnson are around.

Then there is Baylon Spector. I like Spector and I've seen enough from him on the field to believe he could be a solid linebacker and provide excellent depth. The problem is, he can't stay healthy. Even with very limited snaps, he still finds a way to get injured and unable to contribute. So yes, I can see a world where Brandon Beane and the Buffalo Bills select a linebacker. Plus, Beane has taken a linebacker in all but two of the Bills' drafts since he became the team's general manager. So, if the Bills decide to go this route, here are five linebackers who will be present at the NFL Combine that fans should know.