5 initial reactions from Buffalo Bills game against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills came out early, and the defense struggled with the penalties but ultimately got things settled down and did their best to take over this game. We'll talk a little more about that later but this was a game the Bills faced major adversity and simply could not pull out the win. As a fan, it's stressful and you prefer the team to dominate from start to finish but it's good to see how they responded throughout the game, even though it ended in disappointment.

The Buffalo offense was missing today and maybe it was the travel to London or maybe it was the Jaguars or just not the offenses day. Either way, the Bills seem to have moments like this, moments of inconsistencies, drops or missing plays. It's been an issue for a couple of seasons now and something the coaching staff needs to address and find a solution.

Penalties were a big issue as well. The defense made a ton of plays but also committed a ton of untimely penalties. This, coupled with the offensive disappearance doomed the Bills today but they will rebound as they always do. It's only Week Five and lots of football to play. Let's not overreact Buffalo fans and just look forward to the next game.