5 free agents the Buffalo Bills likely won't re-sign

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Gabe Davis - Wide receiver

Let me start by saying I like Davis and think he could play a role on the Bills roster, but I don't see that role as the Bills number two wide receiver. My hope is the Bills draft one or two wide receivers in the coming draft, including one in the first round and I would not be against Buffalo re-signing Davis, but I think there will be other teams offering him more money than what the Bills will or can offer.

Who knows, perhaps in a different place, under a different scheme, he could thrive. According to spotrac.com, Davis' market value is projected at $13.6 million, so again, I don't think the Bills are going to be willing to re-sign him for that amount, instead possibly preferring to spend that elsewhere, maybe another receiver. Maybe a Tyler Boyd for a projected market value of $8.7 million.