5 first reactions from Buffalo Bills close win over New York Giants

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Buffalo Bills offense looks bad in the first half

Buffalo's offense needs to figure some things out. What that is, I don't know. I'm not a coach but something is wrong. Is it the players not executing or getting open? Maybe Ken Dorsey isn't calling the right plays or is Josh Allen not seeing the whole field and to focused on Stefon Diggs?

Perhaps all of the above but I for one am losing patience with the offense. They should not be struggling against the likes of the New York Giants. I get it, teams have bad days, it happens but it seems to happen every few weeks with this offense, even going back to last season and the one change from last season was Ken Dorsey.

The Bills offensive line is the best line they've had in years, Gabe Davis started solid this year and has done well but you can't win consistently when you are targeting the same player something like 80 percent of the time.