5 dream scenarios for Bills to make 2024 the best season in franchise history

Bills Mafia should be thrilled if these dream scenarios came true for the Bills in 2024.
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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2.) Buffalo defeats Kansas City and Houston in playoffs

There is no bigger kryptonite to the Bills than the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. Three of the last four playoff losses for Buffalo have come against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

First, it was the AFC championship game where the Bills shocked the league by making it in the first place. Then the following season, the infamous 13 seconds happened where the Bills had the win locked in but had an ultimate collapse that allowed the Chiefs to force overtime and then win it in overtime without allowing Allen to touch the ball.

Last season, the Bills had a majorly inconsistent game against the Chiefs in front of Bills Mafia and Tyler Bass missed the opportunity to potentially send the game to overtime. 

When it comes to Houston, they are on the rise with C.J. Stroud leading the way. They have become one of the best young teams quickly and now they have Stefon Diggs who was traded out of Buffalo this past offseason. Imagine a playoff run for the Bills where they not only knock out their former number one wideout but also get over the hump of finally taking down Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs…

1.) Josh Allen wins Super Bowl MVP

This should have been the obvious number-one dream scenario. It doesn’t matter who it is against or how the Bills did it, but if Josh Allen were to deliver Buffalo their first Super Bowl and win MVP, he would become even more loved than he already is currently.

Allen has the talent and potential to not only take the Bills to the Super Bowl but also to come away with a win. He is the best quarterback the Bills have had in a very long time and he is in the middle of his prime.

The Bills may look like they took a step backward this offseason, but anything is possible as long as Allen is playing at an elite level. Sure, he has the games that make you stressed out but he also has games where he is the best player on the field by a mile.