5 candidates that could be playing safety for the Buffalo Bills in 2024

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Rasul Douglas

Ok, I have to admit this one was not my idea. It actually came from a much more intelligent individual than myself (that's not hard to do) but Steve Tasker, former Bills receiver and one of the hosts of One Bills Live, suggested this thought. When you think about it, it does make sense though. The one issue fans might have with this idea is that it would mean either Dane Jackson or Kaiir Elam would be the other starting corner. Unless Tre'Davious White is ready to return in time for the season, which is no sure thing either.

If Elam can become the first-round corner the Bills drafted him to be, then this idea could work. Of course, this would also be the scenario if they decided to move Benford to safety, plus we can't forget that Jackson is a pending free agent and he might not even be on the roster in 2024. Essentially, moving either Benford or Douglas answers a need at safety but may create one at corner, where it may be harder to find the answer. For that reason, I don't think the team will move any of the corners and instead will opt for the free agent route.