5 burning questions entering Week 6 the Buffalo Bills must answer

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Can the Buffalo Bills secondary hold it together?

The truth is, I'm a little concerned about this area of the Bills. I've heard a lot this past week about the play of both Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer not being at the level they once were. Now we are down Tre'Davious White and Dane Jackson may not be able to play either. That leaves a banged-up Christian Benford (sounds good to start this week) and an underperforming Kaiir Elam.

I'm not ready to say that Hyde and Poyer are washed or old, and I think they can still play at a high level. Regardless, the Bills may need to start thinking about potential options, other than the recent signing of Josh Norman this past week. He might be good for helping "coach" up Benford and Elam but if Norman has to play any meaningful snaps, the Bills are in trouble.

Is a trade a possibility, sure but is it likely, probably not? I know Patrick Surtain II has come up a few times this week as a trade target but I doubt the Broncos are willing to part with him and if they did, the cost in trade assets would be astronomical. As far as his contract, he's still on his rookie deal, so the Bills could make that work but is Beane willing to part with significant draft capital? That's not likely.

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