Buffalo Bills: 4 huge trade ideas that could reshape AFC race for 2023

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams
Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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After the Miami Dolphins win, the Buffalo Bills looked to be one of the top teams in the AFC even with the injury to Tre'Davious White. The Bills offense was playing incredible football and the defense didn't look to lose a step and were also getting Von Miller back soon.

However, in Week 5 the injuries continued to mount for the Bills as they also would lose Matt Milano and DaQuan Jones to what appears to be season-ending injuries. While general manager Brandon Beane has been hesistant to mortgage the future, the Bills may want to swing for the fences at the trade deadline.

This strategy worked out very well for the Los Angeles Rams in 2021 when they would trade for Von Miller with the Denver Broncos during the season. In that trade, the Rams offered premium draft picks as an incentive for the Broncos to pay a majority of Miller's contract.

The Buffalo Bills might have to do something similar with a few of these trade ideas. After the recent injuries, the Bills could move right back to the top of the AFC with these four trades.