5 burning questions entering Week 6 the Buffalo Bills must answer

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills are limping into this weekend after three major injuries over the last two weeks have shaken their defense. In their place may be some unknowns, unproven or players the fanbase doesn't trust or worse, the coaching staff might not trust.

Despite Matt Milano and DaQuan Jones' early exits from the Jaguars games, the Bills defense was able to shut out the Jags for nearly three-quarters of the game. They gave the Bills offense a chance to take back the lead and even put the game away but with four consecutive punts to start the game and misfires, mis-ques, and penalties, the offense was not able to get in rhythm until it was too late.

But Week Five is behind, and London is in the rearview mirror. It's time to look ahead to the New York Giants and get some answers to a few questions we all might have. The Giants have their injury issues too, with three offensive linemen down and the starting quarterback, Daniel Jones. Let's take a look at five questions we hope to have answered in Week Six.