5 Buffalo Bills to watch on offense in Week 1 against New York Jets

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Last year, the Buffalo Bills offense entered the season with plenty of questions as they would have a new offensive coordinator in Ken Dorsey, who took over for Brian Daboll. While there was some up and downs, the season as a whole was once again successful as the offense finished second in the league in total yards per game and points per game.

Entering this season, the Bills still have a lot of the same players led by Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs but have some new players as well as players expected to have a bigger role this year. Monday night against the New York Jets will be the first test for this group and it will be a challenge as the Jets have a good defense.

These are five players to watch specifically in Week 1 that could determine how much success the Buffalo Bills have putting points on the scoreboard and moving the ball.

5 Buffalo Bills to watch on offense in Week 1 against New York Jets

Josh Allen

There is no question that Josh Allen is the most important player on the offense and is entering this season once again with questions. Whether the questions are valid or not, there are some skeptics of Allen after having 29 interceptions over the past two seasons and struggling in the AFC Divisional Round playoffs against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The last time the Bills played the Jets, Josh Allen suffered an elbow injury on one of the final plays of the game that seemed to linger through the remainder of the season. The good news is that Allen plays very well in primetime and the Bills will need another one of those performances to start the year.