5 Buffalo Bills to watch on offense against the Pittsburgh Steelers

In Week 2 of exhibition play, the Buffalo Bills travel to the Steel City to matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Josh Allen

In Week 2 of the preseason, all eyes are on Josh Allen as he leads the Buffalo Bills against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This marks a crucial moment in Allen's evolution within offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey's system, now in its second year.

Coming off an impressive 2022 season, where he tied for second in the league for touchdown passes alongside Joe Burrow, Allen's resilience through an elbow injury shone brightly. However, the season finale was lackluster, resulting in a meager 10 points. Saturday's game offers a prime opportunity for Allen to showcase precision execution, minimize hits, and prioritize ball security.

Allen's aggressive playing style has its pros and cons. While it has elevated him among the quarterback elite, it has also led to costly turnovers. With an upgraded offensive lineup, Allen's role as a distributor becomes pivotal, awaiting Dorsey's strategic calls.

The upcoming game could display whether Allen and the Bills' offense can excel, especially against the starting defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This clash provides a snapshot of Allen's growth and the team's potential as the NFL season looms and Allen, as usual, should be a fun watch.

This Saturday, the Buffalo Bills are poised to match up with the Pittsburgh Steelers in a preseason showdown that has stirred up considerable excitement among fans. With both teams expected to unleash their starters for a substantial stretch of the game, anticipation is running high within each respective fanbase.

The spotlight has been squarely on the Bills' offensive unit since January, with ongoing debates centered around the extent to which Josh Allen shoulders the team's production load. However, in response to the scrutiny, Buffalo has proactively fortified its offensive arsenal with new weapons, aiming to alleviate some of the pressure on Allen's shoulders.

After wrapping up last season with a Divisional Round appearance and a rather subdued offensive display of only 10 points, the Bills have found themselves in the midst of heightened criticism. This elevates the significance of the impending preseason matchup as a litmus test for Josh Allen's synergy with offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey and the team's integration of its new additions.

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