5 Buffalo Bills to watch on offense against the Pittsburgh Steelers

In Week 2 of exhibition play, the Buffalo Bills travel to the Steel City to matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Dalton Kincaid

Buffalo's top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Dalton Kincaid, has ignited a fresh wave of excitement within the team's receiving corps. Despite his recent arrival, the first week of preseason action saw him fail to secure a single pass, even though he took the field for all six snaps alongside the starters.

Kincaid's presence has breathed new life into Buffalo's aerial strategy, eliciting anticipation among fans for what he could bring to the passing game. Comparisons are already being drawn to Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs standout player. As a receiver, Kincaid boasts dependable pass-catching skills, precise route running, and an impressive knack for gaining yards after the catch.

Under the scrutiny that comes with being a first-round draft pick, Kincaid faces pressure to prove his potential. However, history shows that rookie tight ends often face a steep learning curve in their inaugural year. As he familiarizes himself with the team's dynamics and builds rapport with Josh Allen, his role within the Bills' offensive playbook is poised to evolve.

The upcoming Saturday game is a pivotal moment for Kincaid to make his mark. With the starters expected to play well into the second quarter, he should have ample opportunities to display his abilities. As fans watch closely, Kincaid has a chance to demonstrate his promise, potentially unveiling the first glimpses of his potential impact on Buffalo's offense.