5 Buffalo Bills to watch on offense against the Pittsburgh Steelers

In Week 2 of exhibition play, the Buffalo Bills travel to the Steel City to matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Khalil Shakir

Khalil Shakir is a player who tends to spark debate and division among fans and analysts alike. Throughout the summer, he's showcased a respectable performance during training camp, yet his journey has also been marked by bouts of inconsistency. This inconsistency was underscored by a critical third-down drop in Week 1 of the preseason, a miscue that could have extended Buffalo's offensive drive against the Indianapolis Colts.

The details of Shakir's situation are further amplified by the competitive environment he finds himself in. The Bills boast an impressive array of receiving talent, with a staggering 13 receivers currently vying for a spot on the roster.

Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, Deonte Harty, and Trent Sherfield appear to be virtual locks for the final cut, leaving a mere two to three roster positions up for grabs among the remaining hopefuls. Regrettably, Shakir's inconsistency does him no favors in this intense contest for spots.

However, Shakir's journey is not without its bright moments. In a meaningful role, he has previously made substantial contributions to Buffalo's offensive effort. A standout performance during last season's Divisional Round saw him leading the team's wide receivers in receiving yards, significantly bolstering the passing attack.

Additionally, considering his draft pedigree and the weight that Bills General Manager Brandon Beane often places on those selections, Shakir might have a safety net. Yet, the Bills seem to be challenging him to reaffirm his value, placing him under the spotlight again.

As the preseason unfolds, Shakir remains a pivotal figure to watch. The potential for him to translate his flashes of brilliance into consistent excellence could ultimately determine his fate in a roster decision-making process that is bound to be fierce.