5 Buffalo Bills studs against the New York Giants in Week 7

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The Buffalo Bills struggled mightily in this one, particularly on the offensive side, again. I'm not sure what has happened to the offense, but I am confident the team will get things figured out and get back on track. Until then, we'll revisit the Bills Week 7 matchup against the New York Giants a few times until we turn the page and look ahead to the New England Patriots.

As the game was unfolding, I was thinking about this article and which five players I would select. I was quickly concerned I might not have five players to pick to write this. Fortunately, the Bills found some rhythm late in the game with two long drives, that were a combined 29 plays, and 159 yards with both ending in a touchdown. Thank goodness, the offense gave me a couple of options.

The defense had a solid night but gave up some yards between the 20s but held the Giants to an 0 for five performance in the red zone and that is how the Bills came out of this with a win, plus the Giants' clock management issue at the end of the first half didn't hurt either. But with that, here are my five studs from the Bills win against the Giants.