5 Buffalo Bills players who stood out in final preseason game

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Kyle Allen - Quarterback

The completion rate wasn't impressive, completing only 52.9 percent of his passes on the day, and some of those incompletions were missed pretty badly. But he still tallied 162 yards passing and had a very impressive 29-yard touchdown pass to Quintin Morris.

There were plays that Kyle Allen didn't look good, including the interception and he also had the fumble but it's hard to blame him for that when getting pressured from behind. All in all, I thought he showed why he should be the team's number two quarterback, behind Josh Allen.

As the preseason continued, he got better each week. Josh Allen commented that he's learning the offense and we've heard from other players in the past, that this offense is complex and isn't easily learned. I think as Kyle Allen continues to get practice reps and grow in this offense; he will be fine.