3 possible reasons why Buffalo Bills made trade offer for Trey Lance

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On Friday night, the San Francisco 49ers made a move that seemed long overdue as they traded quarterback Trey Lance. The former third overall pick is heading to the Dallas Cowboys and in return, the 49ers received a 2024 fourth round pick. However, the Buffalo Bills reportedly also made an offer for Trey Lance but it wasn't more than what the Cowboys offered.

Even though the Buffalo Bills didn't offer more, a fourth round pick is great value for a quarterback who was always viewed as a project. He did have arguably the highest ceiling among any at his position in his draft class. While the Bills missed out on Trey Lance, it raises the question of why might they have even been interested in such a move. Let's take a look at three possible reasons they made an offer for Trey Lance.

3 possible conclusions from Buffalo Bills trade offer for Trey Lance

Brandon Beane was just doing his due diligence

The first conclusion is pretty obvious and it was just Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane doing his due diligence. Since joining the Bills after the 2017 NFL Draft, Beane has shown to be one of the more aggressive general managers in the NFL.

The Bills are seemingly named as a potential destination for free agents and in trade speculation and this is due to the history of Brandon Beane. After the Bills signed Von Miller, Ian Rapoport mentioned on The Pat McAfee Show that "The Bills are always the mystery team."

Any good general manager is going to pick up the phone when rumors start to swirl about players being available. However, it seems like general manager Brandon Beane was doing more than just reaching out because an offer was made which makes the next two conclusions more likely.