5 Buffalo Bills players that will be key in the team's playoff push

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Von Miller

The Buffalo Bills are second in the league with 28 sacks on the season and that is with Miller being out early in the season and a slow ramp-up to full-time status in the defensive rotation. If Miller can get things rolling in the second half of the season, it would be huge for the Bills and their pass rush. The Bills are beat up on the defensive side and need Miller to return to the Miller of old.

So far in Miller's return from his ACL injury, he's been non-existent but I fully expect that to change very soon. The better that front four plays, the easier it will be on the young linebackers and the secondary. With Matt Milano out, both Dorian Williams and Tyrel Dodson have been tasked with replacing him. A dominant defensive front helps keep blockers off the linebackers, allowing them to play sideline to sideline.