5 Buffalo Bills players that will be key in the team's playoff push

Buffalo Bills
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Dalton Kincaid

Dalton Kincaid over the last couple of games has 15 targets with 13 receptions. On the season, he's been targeted 33 times, turning 30 of those into catches, leading the NFL in catch rate. He also got his first touchdown of this career a week ago. Kincaid will be vital to the Bills offense going forward and when Dawson Knox returns, my hope is the Bills stick with 11-personnel with Kincaid as the primary tight end.

The Bills should have their passing game run through both him and Stefon Diggs. Opposing defenses will have a hard time focusing on both Diggs and Kincaid and can help open things up underneath for others and give Gabe Davis some one-on-one situations too. I would love to see Kincaid targeted around ten times a game.