5 offseason decisions already paying off for the Buffalo Bills

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Buffalo Bills commiting to James Cook as the lead back

Over the past few seasons, Devin Singletary has led the Bills in rushing attempts but he left in free agency and signed with the Houston Texans. The Bills would sign free agents Damien Harris and Latavius Murray but it has been clear over the past four games that James Cook is the lead running back.

Over the past three seasons, Singletary has the most rushing attempts but seemed to always have another player who was close, with it being Josh Allen most of the time. Through the first four games, Cook has 56 rushing attempts and there is no other player with more than 20.

The Buffalo Bills have been rewarded with the commitment to James Cook as he already has 296 rushing yards, which ranks seventh in the league. However, he also has 115 receiving yards and has the third most yards from scrimmage among running backs.

The Buffalo Bills haven't committed to one running back like this since the days of LeSean McCoy but the early results are positive.