5 Buffalo Bills who could have career seasons in Sean McDermott's defense

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The defense for the Buffalo Bills has been a consistent unit year in and year out. They are sometimes the reason why the Bills win some of their football games. One advantage to having a defensive-minded head coach is that there is an expectation that the defensive scheme is built to stop an offense.

Obviously the Bills’ defense has disappointed at times since 2017 (Sean McDermott’s first season in Buffalo), but they typically finish as a top overall unit. The coaching staff and upper management have been able to build a defensive roster through free agency and through the draft. 

Going into the 2023 season, Sean McDermott is more than likely stepping up as the play caller on defense with Leslie Frazier off the team. Under Frazier’s time in Buffalo, the defense was in the top ten overall units as one of the best defenses. One of the biggest criticisms that this defense has received under Frazier’s control is the lack of aggressiveness.

With the philosophy that McDermott has talked about and has shown during his tenure in Carolina, this defense might have a different look for the better. With that, there are players on the defense who could adapt well to this potential change and ultimately have a career year.

Here are the five Buffalo Bills who have a good chance at having a career season in 2023.