5 bold predictions for Buffalo Bills preseason game against the Steelers

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The Buffalo Bills will take the field once again in their Week Two preseason matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers and after last week's performance and throughout practice this past week, I've got a few bold predictions I'd like to share. Feel free to hit me up on BuffaLowDown's Facebook page and agree or disagree.

Before we get into those predictions though, let's talk a little about last week's game. First off, I like what I see in Andy Isabella but is he this year's training camp Duke Williams or Christian Wade? I'm cautious to get overly excited because there is a reason, he hasn't been able to stick to a roster. That said, maybe this offensive scheme fits him better and it's the perfect storm for him to finally break out. But if he makes the 53-man roster, who doesn't make it as a result?

Also, I was very encouraged by the performance of the wide receivers as a whole. Despite a few issues with drops, yet again, I thought the group showed up and made some plays. Hopefully, the depth in the receiver room is deeper than some initially thought. There could potentially be some long-term answers in the room as well. Afterall, Stefon Diggs isn't getting any younger.

There were certainly some mistakes throughout the game and some sloppiness at times. But that is what you should expect in preseason game number one. Now what we want to see going forward, is those mistakes to begin to become fewer and fewer. Coach McDermott said the starters, including Josh Allen, will start in Week Two of the preseason, so let's see how they look. So with that, here are my five bold predictions.