5 bold predictions for Buffalo Bills' 2024 offseason

Brandon Beane and the Buffalo Bills will have to work some magic this offseason to make things happen. I've got five thoughts, that although bold, I think Beane, and company can pull it off. These five moves will put the Bills in a position to once again compete for a Super Bowl.
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The Bills will earn another compensatory pick for the 2025 NFL draft

As mentioned earlier, the Bills have 21 pending free agents and are more than $50 million over the projected cap. This means it's very unlikely Buffalo will sign more free agents than they lose, which should trigger the compensatory pick for the 2025 NFL Draft. There is also another way they get that extra pick, which is losing more qualifying free agents than they sign, similar to losing Tremaine Edmunds and earning a third-round compensatory pick in this year's draft.

With the contracts the Bills currently have with Tre'Davious White, Von Miller, and Stefon Diggs, the next couple of drafts will be vital to keeping the Bills in contention for a Super Bowl and building the roster up with young talent. Gaining additional compensatory picks would be a nice gift to the Bills in helping that roster build.