5 biggest questions entering Week 1 that the Buffalo Bills need to answer

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Will new starting guard O'Cyrus Torrence hold his own against Quinnen Williams?

I don't pretend to know what the Jets' plan is for Williams as far as where he lines up but I'm guessing Torrence will see Williams across from him more often than not. Torrence has been heralded for his ability to anchor in pass protection and this matchup could be a huge key in this game.

If Torrence can hold his own, it'll go a long way toward the Bills being able to do what they want offensively. You could argue that Torrence was the most consistent offensive lineman for the Bills throughout the preseason too. The offensive line as a whole will need to step up this week.

The Jets have one of the best defensive fronts in the NFL and the Bills' offensive line will be severely tested. While I don't expect perfect pass protection on every snap, the line just needs to keep the Jets front from completely dominating and taking over this game.

Gabe Davis struggled with drops last season, can he put that behind him this year?

Gabe Davis had a stellar training camp and preseason, probably the best of his career to date. Through three preseason games, he was targeted six times and credited with only one drop. Davis needs to step up this season and become a more reliable target for Josh Allen because Diggs is going to draw coverages his way.

Hopefully, Davis can take advantage of that this season and make more plays in the passing game to move the chains. A lot of the targets that go to Davis are further down the field, which naturally increases the catch difficulty, but a drop is a drop, and he has to improve that part of his game.

If Davis can become a downfield threat and force the safeties into deep coverage, it will open up the run game, as well as the underneath routes that the likes of Kincaid, Knox, and Shakir should be able to take advantage of against the Jets. This would also have the side effect of slowing down the Jets pass rush.