5 biggest questions entering Week 1 that the Buffalo Bills need to answer

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The Buffalo Bills are ready to get rocking and rolling against the New Jersey Jets and I can't wait for this season opener. The Bills begin their journey that will hopefully land them where they ultimately want to go, but you won't hear me say it, not until it happens.

Before the players, coaching staff, or even fans can begin talking about a potential Super Bowl season, the focus has to be on Week One. Then we turn our focus to the next week and then the week after. It's one week at a time, then win the division, earn a playoff spot, and advance one week at a time again. This is the last time you'll hear me say Super Bowl this season until the Buffalo Bills have earned the right to represent the AFC.

There is a lot to like about this year's iteration of the Buffalo Bills but there are still a few question marks that will hopefully be answered on Monday Night. It's been mentioned previously that the Bills had one of the lowest turnover rates from the 2022 roster. Depending on who you ask, that's not necessarily a good thing but I think it is. Last year's team won 13 games, despite all the injuries and turmoil the team endured.

The Bills kept largely the same roster but added a few key upgrades, but those upgrades now need to prove it on the field. Some areas can be viewed as downgrades, but this week we'll see just how much some of these new players hold up against a strong Jets team. Let's get into those questions the Bills must answer in Week One.