5 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills in first preseason game

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The Buffalo Bills are set to begin their preseason slate this weekend with their opener against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday. The team has a handful of position battles that will be the focal point of the game but there are a few questions that I will be looking for answers to in this game as well.

Obviously, I'll be watching the middle linebackers, particularly Tyrel Dobson and Terrel Bernard. This position battle is important, but I don't think it's on the same level as some of the other battles that are going on in camp. I have a soft spot for Dodson, so my money is on him, and hoping he wins the job.

I'll also have an eye on how the defense is called but I doubt that Sean McDermott will call too many crazy plays. But I do think he might show us a little taste of how aggressive he might call the game but the other factor I'll be watching is whether him calling the defense effects how the game is managed from a head coaching perspective, such as clock management.

But these aren't the areas I'm most concerned with heading into this weekend's preseason game. There are other questions I have that I hope at the very least start to get answers and not all have to do with position battles either. There are some questions that I have that are related to individual players, as well as entire positional units of the team.

I also don't expect Josh Allen or Stefon Diggs to play this week, in fact, we probably won't see many of the starters outside of those that are battling for starting roles but all the same, I'll be watching for certain things, and hoping to get the answers we want.