The Buffalo Bills Sean McDermott ranked in the top 10 among coaches in the NFL

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A lot of Bills fans don't want to hear this, but Sean McDermott is one of the best coaches in the NFL, and Pro Football Focus agrees, ranking him number nine among head coaches in the league.

"McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane recently received contract extensions, keeping them in Buffalo (or at least paid by Buffalo) until 2027. McDermott being the head man amid Josh Allen’s rise to MVP level is a big reason why the team shouldn't want to change its head coach-quarterback relationship anytime soon.

Yes, the Bills have failed to reach the Super Bowl despite having all the requisite talent to do so, but it’s hard to win in this league, especially in the postseason. McDermott gives the Bills that type of realistic goal each season after four straight double-digit winning seasons and four straight playoff appearances."

Pro Football Focus

Have things been perfect during his six years with the club, no but find me a coach that makes the right decision or play call every single time, without fail. Even Andy Reid, who was ranked number one by PFF has made his fair share of errors, otherwise, he'd have never lost a game. Coaches will make mistakes, they will take shots and miss, it's part of the game. Fans need to learn to be more patient.

Fans often want to compare McDermott to Reid but fail to remember that Reid never won a Super Bowl with the Eagles and took him several years as a head coach before finally winning one. I recently wrote an article and stated that if the Bills were to move on from McDermott, it would ruin the team.

There are 31 other coaches in the league that don't win a Super Bowl every year, to move on from McDermott would be ridiculous and would essentially hit the reset button on the team. We don't want to start over, we want to keep taking that shot, adding new pieces each year until that magical year happens, and it will happen.

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