5 biggest needs the Buffalo Bills must address to remain Super Bowl contenders

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The Bills need to get under the cap but with an eye beyond the 2024 season.

I know that if the Bills are going to get under the cap, the easiest and quickest way is to restructure both Stefon Diggs and Von Miller's contracts. These two players have been linked to multiple national media chatter about trading for massive cap savings. What they often fail to mention is the massive dead cap the team would incur with such a move. No, trading or releasing isn't an option. Buffalo has two choices here, restructure for cap relief in 2024, push money down the road again, or sit tight and do nothing with their contracts.

I hope that Buffalo doesn't restructure Diggs or Miller. I would prefer the team take their medicine this season, deal with their contracts, and find other ways to get the cap relief they need. According to Spotrac.com, these two account for more than 20% of the Bills cap percentage. Here's the thing, if you restructure, you're simply moving that money into the 2025 season and beyond, then we are back here again, trying to figure out what to do. Both of these players carry dead cap hits that exceed $30 million if they are released. Pushing the money down the road only complicates things in later years if you decide to move on then.