5 biggest draft gems for the Buffalo Bills in the last decade

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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2. Taron Johnson (Round 4, 2018 Draft)

Johnson was already known in the NFL before he got drafted but for the wrong reasons. During the gauntlet drill at the NFL combine, Johnson was hit in the head by the first football thrown at him, but he proceeded to finish the drill with ease. 

This incident overshadowed how good of a prospect Johnson was. Johnson was criticized for his size and lack of speed at his position but showed great technique, plays with instinct, possesses natural coverage skills, and is a good tackler. Johnson had the potential to be a starting nickel corner in the NFL or a low-end cornerback four, which projected him to the fifth and sixth rounds. 

Brandon Beane saw something in Johnson, as he drafted Johnson in the fourth round. That pick ended up being a good one, as Johnson developed into one of the best nickel corners in the NFL.

Johnson embodied the mentality of the Buffalo Bills, someone who puts their body on the line every single snap, oozes energy whenever a big play occurs, and someone who makes game-changing plays. 

Johnson just came off the best season of his career as he earned himself a Second-Team-All-Pro nomination, and secured a three-year $31 million contract extension with the Bills. Johnson is the definition of a gem, many scouts have written him off but exceeded expectations in the end.