5 biggest contract bargains right now on the Buffalo Bills

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Josh Allen

The final player is the one that has the highest cap hit on the Buffalo Bills roster this upcoming season in Josh Allen. It is hard to imagine that the player accounting the most against the salary cap would be a bargain but that is exactly the case here.

The contracts for quarterbacks collectively is the highest among any position in the NFL and when looking at average salaries, the Top 15 are all quarterbacks. When Josh Allen signed his six-year, $258 million contract extension in 2021 was one of the biggest in the NFL at the time.

However, contracts have only grown since that point and Allen now ranks ninth in terms of average salary in the NFL. He is behind players like Justin Herbert, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and Deshaun Watson.

For a quarterback who led the league in total touchdowns (passing and rushing) with 44 and fourth in passing yards with over 4,300 yards, there is no way to look at his current contract and not see it as a bargain.