5 biggest concerns for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2023 regular season

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Is middle linebacker going to be a detriment to the Buffalo Bills defense?

I hoped that Tyrel Dobson would take the lead in the middle linebacker position and never look back. The position was essentially gift-wrapped for him when Terrel Bernard went down with an early injury and did not play in the preseason, yet Dodson was never able to take hold of the position without question.

Coach McDermott still has not made a decision on who the starting middle linebacker will be and Bernard has returned from his injury and is practicing. So it seems to me that McDermott is almost hoping that Bernard can get fully healthy and outperform Dobson in practice, leading up to the season opener.

But wait, maybe not because the Bills signed Christian Kirksey, a surprise roster cut a week ago by the Houston Texans. Maybe McDermott is hoping Kirksey can learn enough of the playbook to come in and start Week One. I think the more likely scenario is that Dodson starts to begin the season but it's only a matter of time before Kirksey takes over for the remainder.