4 ways Buffalo Bills Josh Allen can shine against the New Jersey Jets

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Don't be afraid to throw the ball away

In a perfect world, the Bills offensive line completely neutralizes the Jets pass rush but let's be realistic here, the Jets can get after quarterbacks and have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Ideally, Buffalo's line can do a good job of limiting Quinnen Williams and company, but they will get through and force Allen to move around.

When that happens, I want to see Allen be willing to get rid of the ball and avoid the sack or potential interception. Live to play another down, yet another old adage that rings true. I know Allen is one of the best improvisational quarterbacks in the league and hope he takes those, but when it's simply not there, don't take the unnecessary hit or force the pass.

This goes hand-in-hand with keeping the turnovers off the stat line. If Allen can accept that not every play has to be successful and not force anything when it's not there, that should limit or eliminate his turnovers in this game. If Allen can do these things, he'll have a great game, and the Bills will exit New Jersey with a big divisional W.

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