4 ways Buffalo Bills Josh Allen can shine against the New Jersey Jets

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Turnover free stat line

I hate that I am bringing this up, as it should go without saying. Not turning the ball over is vital to any team's success, but as I mentioned, Allen had issues with turnovers last season, tying the league lead with 19 of them.

The Bills managed to win 13 games last season despite the turnovers, but if the Bills and specifically Allen can limit the turnovers, this offense will light up teams. They were the number two ranked offense in 2022 and did so with a ton of turnovers.

In the Bills' first matchup against the Jets last season, they turned the ball over twice. Both were interceptions thrown by Allen and he also had two fumbles in that game, but the Bills recovered both of those, so things could have been worse. In their second game, Allen did not fumble the ball or throw a pick and the Bills came away with a win.