4 ways Buffalo Bills Josh Allen can shine against the New Jersey Jets

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It's simple, be patient

Last season, and early in Allen's career, he always seemed to rush things. There were many times last year that he would leave the pocket early, even when he didn't really need to. I believe this was due largely to a loss of trust in his protection. He'll never admit this openly but protection broke down a lot and he was forced to improvise, which led to a sped-up clock in his mind.

I think, at least I hope, this year's offensive line will be better than last year. Both O'Cyrus Torrence and Connor McGovern should be upgrades at both guard positions. If Allen can be patient and trust his line to protect him long enough, I think the Bills have the weapons to make some plays and "matriculate" the ball down the field.

We've all heard the term "sugar high Josh Allen", which is what happens when Allen feels he has to single-handedly win the game and though he's capable of doing so, it can also lead to turnovers. This is what we saw last season, which leads me to my second point.