4 reasons why the Buffalo Bills will defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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3.) The Bills will be locked in

We have seen what can happen when this team is locked in, and they look unbeatable. When they played Miami and blew them out in Week 4, they practiced hard all week and were ready to roll from the jump. They reverted to the underdog role and set out to quiet down all the Miami hype talk and show they were still the top dogs in the AFC East. That is the type of attitude they need to have every week, and it seems like the past few weeks they have faltered from that.

History shows that this team has had to suffer “Punched in the mouth,” type losses before to wake themselves up. If Sunday wasn’t one of those games, I'm not too sure what would be. The Bills have earned their respect over the years and are held to a higher standard in the NFL, with the top teams in the league. To be in that standard, and lose to a team playing as bad as New England has this season, is embarrassing.

You can bet the over on this team feeling embarrassed, being locked in, and going hard from the jump. The team has been flat at times this season, but that should be the complete opposite on Thursday Night.

The Bills will be in Buffalo, in front of a sold-out, juiced-up home crowd on an elite fall night. You can already feel it brewing and the team should be looking to set the tone early on in this one, as they try to redeem themselves.