4 reasons why the Buffalo Bills will beat the New York Jets in Week 1

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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Josh Allen will be healthy

On the offensive side, Josh Allen’s UCL will finally be 100% after the offseason. Although Allen’s still performed very well even when he injured it, there will be less concern with his health.

Ken Dorsey has a year of experience under his belt

Dorsey was criticized for his job as offensive coordinator last season, as he would make some questionable calls on a sequence of plays multiple times throughout the season. Bills fans were very frustrated over Dorsey’s inconsistency and wanted him fired and off the staff.

Though the real question is, how much was Dorsey to blame for inconsistent offensive performances? All the Bills receivers besides Diggs were inconsistent as well.

Regardless, most of the players and staff, including Allen have been giving Dorsey praise as coordinator. Dorsey also has new weapons to play around with in his offense, including rookie Dalton Kincaid and overall help spread out the offense.

This upcoming game will tell us how big of a threat the Jets will be to the AFC East this season.