4 prospects Buffalo Bills can draft to make Josh Allen's life easier

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Braelon Allen

The final prospect that the Buffalo Bills could draft that would help Josh Allen is running back Braelon Allen. The former Wisconsin running back is a big, powerful running back at 6'2" and 238 pounds who would complement James Cook well in the backfield. He would give this position the size that they are currently lacking with Cook and Ty Johnson.

The reason that he would help Josh Allen is that he could handle a majority of those short-yardage and goal-line situations that the Bills quarterback has often had to run. Josh Allen is very effective in this part of the field but as he gets older, the coaching staff would be wise to limit those hits as much as possible.

Allen was the primary running back the past three seasons for Wisconsin with almost 600 rushing attempts over that time. He had close to 3,500 rushing yards along with 35 rushing touchdowns during that stretch.

The Bills are likely to draft a running back at some point during the 2024 NFL Draft but if they are able to bring in a bigger back like Braelon Allen, it would take a lot of pressure off Josh Allen.