4 prospects Buffalo Bills can draft to make Josh Allen's life easier

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Graham Barton

The Buffalo Bills could use some help on the interior offensive line as the Bills might want to find a new center or guard. The selection of Graham Barton would unlock a lot of possible offensive line combinations for the coaching staff heading into training camp that could put the best five on the field to protect Josh Allen.

Last season, the offensive line was excellent and might have been the best Josh Allen has had in his career. However, the departure of Morse has created not only a change at center but also left guard with McGovern moving over. The Bills did re-sign David Edwards and he appears in line to be the starting left guard.

However, Graham Barton has plenty of versatility as he could line up at both center and guard. During his time at Duke, he did play left tackle however his arm length probably won't give him the chance to remain at that position. The scouting report on NFL.com describes a player who is technically sound as well as a powerful blocker.

"Barton is an explosive drive blocker with the body control and leg drive to keep opponents centered and finish the job. His hands are sudden, accurate and strong in both phases, but a lack of length will create occasional challenges on the next level."

If the Bills were to draft Barton, plugging him in at either center or guard would give the offense a long-term solution with four of the five starters under contract past this season.