4 prospects Buffalo Bills can draft to make Josh Allen's life easier

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Brian Thomas Jr.

While Brandon Beane said this week that the Bills don't need a number one wide receiver, and his explanation makes sense, it isn't a bad thing to have. After the top three wide receivers, Brian Thomas Jr. is one who certainly has the ceiling to be that top receiver in this offense and for Josh Allen.

The former LSU wide receiver has an excellent combination of size and speed as reflected in his Relative Athletic Score of 9.84 out of 10 and ranked 57th out of 3,402 receives since 1987. This past season with the Tigers was an excellent year as he had 68 receptions, 1,177 receiving yards, and 17 receiving touchdowns.

One area in particular that Brian Thomas Jr. could help Josh Allen is on deep throws that he has a great ability to turn into touchdowns. According to Ryan O'Halloran with The Buffalo News, the average yards per touchdown reception last season was 34.8 yards.

While Gabe Davis did a good job with some long touchdowns the past two seasons, Brian Thomas Jr. has a higher upside with more speed. That type of receiver, combined with Allen's arm, has plenty of big-play potential.