4 key training camp battles on offense for the Buffalo Bills

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
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1.) Wide Receiver - Khalil Shakir, Trent Sherfield, Deonte Harty, Justin Shorter

With this being the number one training camp battle to keep an eye on, there is more competition for this position. With Isaiah McKenzie and Cole Beasley out of Buffalo, the slot receiver position is open.

Last year, the Bills drafted Khalil Shakir in the fifth round who played in the slot at times in 2022. Trent Sherfield and Deonte Harty were signed this past offseason, and Justin Shorter was drafted out of Florida in the fourth round. With Stefon Diggs as the number one receiver, Gabriel Davis on the other side, who will play in the middle? 

It will be interesting to see how many wide receivers the Bills decide to put on the roster. Sometimes they bring in six receivers, sometimes they bring in seven receivers. All four of these receivers have not seen a ton of action in the NFL, but they all bring unique skill sets.

Harty is a speedster who can open up the field by going long. Shakir has a year in this system, Sherfield comes from Miami standing at 6 '1, 219 pounds, and Shorter is also a big receiver standing at 6' 4, 230 pounds. The Bills have a great route runner in Stefon Diggs, and an already big target in Gabriel Davis, so what will they want next for the slot position? 

Even though all four have a great chance at making the roster, who will end up seeing more playing time? Training camp will sure be a fun event to watch with these battles.