4 key training camp battles on offense for the Buffalo Bills

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
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2.) Running back - James Cook, Damien Harris, Latavius Murray

It has been six years since the Bills had a steady running game from an actual running back whose name is not Josh Allen. The Bills may have the best running back committee they have had in a few years.

James Cook is coming off his rookie season having made progress down the stretch in the second half of the season. Damien Harris joins the Bills from New England in which he had over 1,000 rushing yards and double digit touchdowns two seasons ago, and Latavius Murray is a big back who can run between the tackles and pick up the extra two yards to move the chain or get into the end zone. 

Even though the NFL has moved away from a running-first type of league, teams still need a running back that can consistently get the running game going to open up the pass. Cook has more upside than Harris and Murray, as well catching passes out of the backfield. However, Harris and Murray are bull runners who go into contact and fight for extra yardage.

It’s more than likely that Cook and Harris could be on the roster together, but if the Bills do decide to bring in three backs, Murray may also have to compete with Nyheim Hines who can be a playmaker for the offense. 

One of the goals that the offense should have for training camp is finding a solidified running back who can take a majority of the carries, but be able to rotate properly to bring in versatility. Each of these three backs have a different skill set, but it will all depend on what Ken Dorsey and Sean McDermott want out of them.