4 grossly underpaid Buffalo Bills players entering the 2024 season

After looking over the contracts of the Buffalo Bills, I realized the Bills have a handful of players who are grossly underpaid and need a new contract immediately following the 2024 season.
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LB - Terrel Bernard

I remember sitting in my living room watching the 2022 NFL Draft, and when the Bills selected Terrel Bernard with the 89th overall pick in the third round. It seemed an odd pick at the time since the team was all in with Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano, but it's obvious that Beane saw Bernard as Edmunds's replacement. There was writing on the walls and the Bills probably knew it was a longshot to retain Edmunds after the 2022 season, and made what most fans believed to be a massive reach in the draft for Bernard. Bernard agreed to a four-year deal, worth just over $5 million, and has a cap hit this season of only $1.39 million. Now he's looking like a steal in the third round.

We know the story though, Bernard got the start and was dominant almost right away. His talents were sorely missed in the playoffs against the Chiefs, so much so that I have little doubt that Buffalo would have won that game, had he been able to play. Bernard was phenomenal in 2023, finishing with 143 tackles, three interceptions, and 6.5 sacks. If Bernard turns in this type of season again in 2024, look for his price tag to skyrocket as well. Will the Bills be able to re-sign him, or will he explore free agency after the 2025 season? Again, Beane needs to try to get this extension no later than next summer.