4 grossly underpaid Buffalo Bills players entering the 2024 season

After looking over the contracts of the Buffalo Bills, I realized the Bills have a handful of players who are grossly underpaid and need a new contract immediately following the 2024 season.
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WR - Khalil Shakir

Khalil Shakir has been with the team for two years now, and is on a four-year deal, for just over $4 million. Last season Shakir had a mini-breakout season, with 39 receptions on 45 targets, over 600 yards, and two touchdowns. In 2022 he had a little success in the two playoff games with five receptions and 91 yards. Last season, he was a big part of the Bills offense in the later part of the season and the playoffs. In two playoff starts last year, he recorded ten receptions on 12 targets, 75 yards, and two touchdowns.

2024 promises to be a big season for Shakir and his price will likely increase significantly. Shakir had the highest catch rate of all receivers last season and should be near the top once again in 2024. I expect the Bills to spread the ball around in the passing game, but Kincaid and Shakir will be the main targets. Shakir's cap hit this season is just over $1 million. If the Bills wait until 2025 to extend him, it could cost them considerably more money. Shakir could become the team's number one in terms of receptions, and yet be one of the lowest-paid receivers in the league with stats like that.