Podcast: We answer Bills Mafia's questions about the upcoming Buffalo Bills season

On the latest episode of The Mafia Cast, we answered some of Bills Mafia's toughest questions, including whether 2024 can be considered a success if the Bills don't win the Super Bowl.
Buffalo Bills
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Early last week we asked Bills fans to send us any questions they have about the Buffalo Bills' upcoming 2024 NFL season. We received several questions from Bills Mafia ranging from will the Bills have a better or worse record than last year, to whether this season can be considered a success if the Bills don't win the Super Bowl.

We enjoy what we do on the podcast largely because of the fan interaction, and this episode was one of my favorites. We also discussed the heat level of Coach McDermott's seat heading into the 2024 season, and just how hot that seat might get if the Bills are bounced from the playoffs once again. Should fans consider 2024 a Super Bowl or bust season?

Will the Buffalo Bills have any defensive woes?

This was one question that was sent to us as well. I have a few thoughts on this subject and The Mafia Cast crew breaks it down. There are a few changes to the defensive roster, but has Brandon Beane done enough this offseason to replace long-time greats such as Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer? Will the Bills field another strong defensive unit again in 2024?

What to expect on next week's episodes of The Mafia Cast.

The NFL schedule is rumored to come out sometime this week, but before we get to that, we have a show on Monday night, in which we'll cover some of the topics coming out of Bills rookie camp, and what to expect with OTAs around the corner. We'll get into that and more on Monday at 7 pm et. On Thursday night's episode, we welcome special guest Matt Parrino from the Shout!! podcast. Hopefully, we'll have a Bills schedule to discuss, but we'll also ask Matt his thoughts on what the Bills are doing this offseason.

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